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What Food In Your Country Should People Try Instead Of What's Popular?

We know the most popular foods, but what about the underrated meals?!

Some places have been stereotyped by certain dishes they serve. For example, Italy is obviously known for its incredible pizza and pasta. HOWEVER, we ~know~ there are some delicious dishes that haven't been talked about as much that are 100% worth trying.

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For instance, everyone talks about how Canada is known for poutine — but Vancouver is also pretty famous for having extremely tasty ramen.

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And we all know that tacos are incredible in southern California, but DO NOT sleep on the phenomenal Korean dishes (like this dak galbi) that many restaurants specialize in.

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Or perhaps you've been told to eat one of Iceland's famous hot dogs, but did you ALSO know they have noodle dishes so good it'll make you wanna cry?

Mjwhapples / Via

We want to know what specific dish in your country tends to get overlooked! Tell us which underrated meal you think is an absolute MUST TRY in your country for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post/video!