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    Taylor Swift Just Won A CMA Award In The Year Of Our Lord 2017 And Twitter Is Living For It

    Congrats, Tay!

    Taylor Swift, who is a few days away from releasing her new album, just won "Song Of The Year" at the CMA awards and people are living for it.

    Taylor Swift

    Although Swift has been out of the country scene for quite some time, she wrote "Better Man" for Little Big Town on her own.


    Little Big Town genuinely thanked Swift in their acceptance speech, too.


    "We want to say thanks to Taylor Swift. She couldn't be here tonight with us. But Taylor, wherever you are, thank you for this beautiful song and for loving songs and loving Nashville. To the fans, to country radio, thanks for being so good to us."

    And Twitter went wild after they announced the big win:

    Taylor Swift really won a cma when she’s releasing Reputation in two days

    taylor swift in 2017: “the old taylor is dead” taylor swift in 2017: wins song of the year at the cmas

    Country music fans in 2010: Taylor Swift is “too pop” for country music. *Taylor Swift wins the SONG OF THE YEAR…

    Taylor Swift just won the CMA for Song Of The Year after being out of country for 3 years and MIA for 1. That. Is. A. Woman!!!!

    @CountryMusic @taylorswift13 Call it what you want but a legend still can win a cma in 2017 even though she has been doing pop since 2014

    Congrats on the win, Taylor!


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