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Tattoo Artist And Customers Are Revealing Their Biggest "Oh Crap" Moments And WOW

"Sure enough, within ten minutes, the client slumps over having fainted...and then proceeds to violently shit his pants."

This week, a Reddit thread by user efergantes asked tattoo artists and customers to spill the tea on their biggest "oh shit" moment while tattooing or receiving a tattoo. And wouldn't you know it, MANY people began sharing times when shit hit the fan.

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Here are some of the biggest "whooooops" and gasp-worthy moments that tattoo artists and customers revealed:


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"I went to my old roommate's friend for a tattoo of jellyfish on my ribs. He drew it up. It looked great, but he drew it on graph paper and said it was just to help him with the dimensions. Okay, cool no problem. When he started, I thought this dude had mad allergies. He was sniffling so much, but nah. He had a wicked cocaine addiction, was on pills, and ended up tattooing the entire grid paper on my side. I sat for 6-7 hours straight because I didn’t want to 'seem like a pussy.' In the end, I had to get a 14-hour cover up done on it. I’ll never get my other rib tattooed."



"A guy who didn't speak English very well came in and asked for the word, 'hovis' on his arm. Confused, we repeatedly asked if he definitely wanted 'hovis,' like the bread? We wrote it out on paper, but he kept saying, 'yes, yes.' So my boss did it. The next day he comes in with his very angry brother who explained he wanted 'ELVIS.'"



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"My ex boyfriend wanted me to tattoo him. He broke up with me for another girl a few months before, but I wanted to be the bigger person and establish something like a friendship. The tattoo was on his shin, and after thirty minutes he jerks so violently that I really fuck up an outline. Like, no-going-back fucked up. I'm trying to explain what happened, saying that I probably can figure something out to cover it, he just completely loses his shit and rants about how I took revenge on him for dumping me."



"On paper, we ask you when the last time you ate/had anything to drink, because some people's nervous system can't handle the pain and they will pass out or start shaking. This woman stated she ate thirty minutes before coming in. Ten minutes into the tattoo, she passes out and wasn't responsive. 911 was called. She woke up as the paramedics arrived. Turns out she hadn't eaten anything since the evening before because she was so nervous about the tattoo and was hypoglycemic."



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"My best friend's father operated a tattoo parlor out of a small Kansas town at one point. He had two assistants, but typically was alone in the shop during non-busy hours. Had a client who came in reeking of hookah smoke. About 2 hours into creating the tattoo, the guy on the table sniffs heavily and says, 'Huh, I smell a lot of smoke.' Well no shit dude, you're covered in hookah bar stank. But that wasn't it. Nope, the building next door's on fire, and these buildings are all right next to each other. My friend's father realizes time is a factor and tells the guy 'I'll do this tattoo for free (it would have been about $800 otherwise) if you help me carry the expensive shit out of here before it burns down.' They spend the next 5 minutes frantically loading all the expensive shit into his truck bed before the building does indeed start to burn down."



"I have this friend who has quite a few tattoos. She had been planning on getting a large infinity sign (like the sideways 8) followed by the word, 'possibilities' up the length of her forearm. The idea was to have infinite possibilities, kind of an affirmation. Well she got it and loved it. She posted it on Facebook and Instagram, tagged her artist and went about her day. I had to call her and tell her the bad news. Her arm said, 'possibities.'"



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"A customer of mine went to Spain for a tattoo and asked the artist for a Loveheart with Margaret in the middle. The artist didn't speak a word of English, so he asked for it to be written down — exactly what he wanted done. Well, he did get exactly what he wrote down."



"Once, I filled in the wrong side of a nautical star and wanted to disappear forever."




"I used to be good friends with a tattoo artist. One girl was getting the back of her thigh done and was nervous. To put her at ease, my friend spent the whole time telling dumb jokes, poking fun at her, etc. to make her giggle. It was going fine until at one point during a particularly intricate part of the design, he made her laugh so hard she farted right in his face."



"My best friend went to a guy he knew who did tattoos as a hobby at his house. He wanted 'UNFORGIVING' tattooed down his forearm. They decided to get drunk and pop some pills as he is getting the tattoo. My friend passes out. He wakes up a few hours later and looks over at the tattoo guy, who is staring at the floor with a look of defeat on his face. 'I fucked up man,' he said. My friend looks down at his new 'UNFRIEND' forearm tattoo."




"An artist in my town wrote, 'scared' in big black letters across someone's back instead of "scarred.'"



"A guy was getting tattooed on his arm and started to look pale. My friend knows the signs all too well and asks if he needs a break or something to eat or drink. Client says, 'Nope all good. Keep going." Sure enough, within ten minutes, the client slumps over having fainted...and then proceeds to violently shit his pants. Safe to say that tattoo chair had to get thrown out."




"We're an hour into the tattoo, well into the color, when my girl asks me if there's meant to be an 'e' there. I sit back. My blood goes cold. The world slows to a halt. The more I frantically read the word 'develope' in my head the less it sounds and looks like a word. I tear off my gloves and consult uncle Google...and, no, no it is not a word."



"I had a friend who was getting a tattoo when a car lurched forward in the parking lot and drove into the front of the shop and exploded the glass window. They both jumped and the tattoo gun made a line on his cheek. It was about 1.5 inches. He grew a beard and has had one ever since."



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"My friend let a random girl scrawl John Lennon’s quote, 'Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans' onto his rib cage, but he was on numbing drugs and only let her get halfway through, so he has a tattoo that says, 'Life is what happens to you.' Which is 100% better, anyway."



"My sisters got matching tattoos. Both were misspelled. Apparently, they didn't know that in script, an 'm' has three humps, whereas an 'n' has two."




"Friend of mine tattood someone who wanted, 'Yorkshire born and bred.' Only they didn't realize there were two spellings, and the guy ended up with 'Yorkshire born and BREAD.'"



"My ex is a tattoo artist and has done most of my work. He left us the day after our son was born and it wasn’t until five years later that I ran into him again. I was cordial, I had forgiven him long ago, and was happy in my new life as a single mom. I asked him for a tattoo (the least he could do, right?) and he complied. He drew up a beautiful tribal rosebush that I wanted as a tramp stamp. He starts working and about an hour later, I looked to see how it was coming along. The
bastard stuck our son’s name on my lower back. IN HIS HANDWRITING.
It doomed my sex life for a while.


You can read the full Reddit thread here, if you dare!

Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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