I Taste Tested Unpopular Plant-Based Milks, And Here's What We're All Missing Out On

    Sure, you've heard of soy, almond, and oat — but have you heard of barley milk or pea milk?!

    Hi, all, I'm Farrah! Recently, I taste-tested different brands of oat milk to determine the best one. Not long after, I discovered that there is a whole other world of plant-based milk out there, ranging from barley to pea milk. Yes, you read that right. PEA MILK. So I decided to once again taste them all so you don't have to in order to figure out which might be the best.

    Here's the lineup, folks. Although I tried Chobani last time, I did a taste test this time around of their sugar-free oat milk. The other brands include Good Karma, Take Two, Minor Figures, This PKN, and Sproud.

    I typically drink oat milk in my coffee and cereal on a weekly basis, so I'm including a pass/fail coffee and cereal taste on top of a straightforward taste test. Let's get started.

    First: Good Karma Plantmilk

    Next Up: Take Two Barley Milk

    Next: Sproud Pea Milk

    Next up: Chobani Sugar Free Oat Milk

    Minor Figures Organic Oat Milk

    This PKN Pecan Milk:

    Listen, I think it's worth trying all of these for yourself. Everyone has different tastes! For me, the clear winner was (surprisingly!) Take Two Barley Milk. Refreshing, crisp, and on the neutral side, this is what I personally look for in plant-based milk.

    Let us know if you've tried any of these in the comments below!