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    Taco Bell Is Rolling Out Their Version Of A Chicken Sandwich And We Need To Taco 'Bout It

    Chicken sandwich...but make it a taco!

    You've heard of the Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich...

    ...and you've heard the hype about the Popeyes chicken sandwich.

    But what if I told you that Taco Bell was making a chicken sandwich?

    Taco Bell / Via

    Yes, you read that correctly.


    Allow me to introduce THE CRISPY CHICKEN SANDWICH TACO.

    Courtesy of Taco Bell

    Beginning March 11, Taco Bell is offering these *delicious* looking hybrid taco sandwiches in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Nashville, with a nationwide debut later this year. And as with other fast-food chicken sandwiches, you can get it regular or spicy.

    Courtesy of Taco Bell

    According to Taco Bell, these tacos are made with puffy bread shaped in taco form and filled with a piece of crispy tortilla chicken and flavorful signature creamy chipotle sauce.

    It's a sandwich! It's a taco! And it's $2.49!

    Courtesy of Taco Bell

    Would you try Taco Bell's chicken sandwich taco? Let us know in the comments below!