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17 Struggles All Slow Eaters Know To Be True


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1. You've become familiar with the not-so-subtle HURRY UP stare.

2. Your friends are consistently putting you on blast.

when ur a slow eater n all ur friends know it !!

3. You're never surprised when you look up to see that there's nothing left on your friend's plate.

4. You find yourself constantly having to reheat your food because it takes you FOREVER to finish a meal.

You + Microwave = BFF

5. And you don't even think about ordering nachos.

Or cheese fries. Or anything else that can congeal into an unappetizing clump.

6. Servers continually come over to try and clear your plate.

So you eventually succumb to eating out of your take out box.

7. You find yourself having to set up realistic expectations.

I am a slow eater. Do not go to chipotle with me unless you have a spare 3 hours.

8. You get annoyed when friends steal from your plate while you're still working on finishing your meal.

9. Ice cream, popsicles, and anything else that can melt is the WORST.

Either I'm fat or she's a hella slow eater because this ALWAYS happens @Carolinelyynch

And usually requires at *least* two dozen napkins.

10. And your cereal is ALWAYS soggy.

11. You're constantly being criticized by your loved ones.

'you're such a slow-eater, how is it you have friends who willingly eat with you?' – my mom, lovingly

12. There's evidence of half-eaten snacks all over your desk.

13. You have a habit of cutting your food into small pieces which you'll then slowly consume.

14. Even though you have a plateful of food people will still ask "are you done yet?"

"How about now?"

15. Or they don’t bother waiting for you at all, leaving you alone with your meal and your thoughts.

The other 11 disciples finished their food, got up and left me still eating. #sloweater #traitors

16. But don't hate — there are MANY reasons why we are slow eaters.

People always tell me I'm a slow eater and the only reason is because when I eat fast I get the hiccups, and I hate getting the hiccups😑

17. And at the end of the day, we're still enjoying our food while you wish you had more.

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