19 Sophie Turner Moments That Prove She's The Funniest At Instagram

    "You're welcome, Cersei."

    1. When she reminded us all what "fashion" was:

    2. When she did what she had to do for the jumbotron:

    3. When she posted a picture of herself sleeping on set in honor of the Game of Thrones premiere:

    4. When she captured this moment between her and Jack Gleeson (AKA Joffrey) and her now-husband Joe Jonas beautifully:

    5. When she just wanted to spend time with her son:

    6. When she proved to be the best at sipping and spilling the tea:

    7. When she posted about the Jonas Brothers reunion in the most Sophie way possible:

    8. When she tried her hardest on the monkey bars:

    9. When she had a lot to say about THAT scene between Arya and Gendry:

    this vid of sophie turner talking about arya's sex scene last night is art

    10. And when she had to shout out to Maisie AGAIN for literally saving Winterfell:

    There is nothing in the world more important than Sophie Turner hopping on Instagram drunk as hell talking about Game of Thrones

    11. When she did a phenomenal dance to the one and only Britney Spears:

    12. When she wasn't afraid to post this picture of her having ZERO chill around Ryan Gosling:

    13. When she posted this VERY relatable story:

    14. When she was really feeling her post–wisdom tooth pain:

    15. When she found a lover and went for it:

    16. When she trolled Lena Headey after the Season 8 premiere:

    17. When she gave us all the Spice Girls vibes we deserved:

    18. When she caught a glimpse of Joe living his best self-care life:

    Joe via Sophie Turner’s Instagram story.

    19. And finally, when even her husband was the best because these two are a hilarious match made for each other:

    e foi assim que o joe mandou as mensagens na dm da sophie no instagram

    In conclusion, Sophie Turner is the best — and THAT'S the tea!!!!!