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    Posted on Apr 2, 2017

    19 Snacks From Your Childhood You Literally Forgot About Until Right Now

    The nostalgia is strong.

    1. Mickey's Parade ice pops:

    2. Nestle's Bug Pops:

    3. Berries & Cream Dr Pepper:

    4. Dinosaur Grrrahams:

    5. Hostess Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pies:

    6. Cheetos Paws:

    7. Reptar Crunch cereal:

    8. Hi-C Ecto Cooler:

    9. Garfield Beef Ravioli:

    10. Fruitopia:

    11. Popsicle Sprinklers:

    12. Cheez Balls:

    13. Shoestring Potatoes:

    14. GoSnacks:

    15. Flamin' Hot Doritos:

    16. Bubble Beeper:

    17. Kid Cuisine:

    18. Yogos Bits:

    19. And finally, the original Fun Dip flavors:

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