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    People On TikTok Claimed Rosemary Oil Worked As Well As Rogaine, So I Talked To An Expert And Found Out It's True

    "Rosemary oil does have evidence to suggest it can reduce hair loss and increase hair growth."

    One thing I love about TikTok is that it's constantly educating me about things I don't know. For example, I recently learned that rosemary oil can help aid in hair growth.


    I haven’t been using this method consistently however it does work for promoting some hair growth as shown

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    People see the benefits by adding a few drops and massaging it into the scalp (with or without another oil, like jojoba or castor) or adding drops to shampoo/conditioner.

    People also claim rosemary water does the same thing!

    By spraying rosemary-infused water all over the hair, people are seeing results. 

    And because I've now seen quite a few TikToks explaining that rosemary oil can help promote hair thickness and shine, I wanted to know A) how true this is and B) the science behind it.

    I reached out to double board-certified facial plastic and hair surgeon Dr. Gary Linkov to see if he could provide some insight into rosemary oil and why it works.

    "Rosemary oil does have evidence to suggest it can reduce hair loss and increase hair growth," Dr. Linkov explained. "The mechanism is believed to be related to enhancing microcapillary perfusion. This is mainly based off of a study performed in 2015."

    "The study was a single-blind, randomized clinical trial that assessed the clinical efficacy of rosemary oil in the treatment of AGA (androgenic alopecia) and compared its effects to minoxidil 2% ointment," Dr. Linkov continued. "The study showed that application of rosemary oil was as effective as minoxidil 2% ointment. In addition, there was better treatment adherence in the rosemary group as compared with in the minoxidil group. This provided evidence with respect to the efficacy of rosemary oil as an alternative treatment option for androgenic alopecia."

    However, Dr. Linkov went on to add, "Keep in mind that there was no comparison made to 5% minoxidil foam, which is the predominant formulation used by men and women."

    Well, there you go! Rosemary oil has been proven to help aid in hair growth. But if you want to try it for yourself, you can get rosemary oil from Amazon for $6.59.

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