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18 Robert Pattinson Moments That Prove He's The Biggest "Twilight" Troll

"I had to do a lot of physical training and stuff but, uh...I didn't do it."

1. When he was very honest:

2. And when he decided to hold nothing back:

3. When he put in, like, 19% effort:

4. When he had some good ideas for a fifth movie:

5. When he was supposed to workout to prepare for the roll but he was like, "nah":

6. When he kept his feelings real:

7. When he realized he should shape up a little:

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8. When he had thoughts on his first read through:

9. When he took his scenes very seriously:

10. When he wasn't afraid to point out a few flaws:

11. When he revealed some behind-the-scenes magic:

12. When he just put it all out there:

13. When his reaction spoke louder than words:

14. When his brain stopped processing the concept of time:

15. When he had some deep thoughts:

16. When he was funny about his DVD commentary:

17. When he had strong opinions:

18. And finally, when he summed up his true feelings: