What book will always spark joy for you?

Farrah Penn • 2 hours ago

Grandparents are so pure, especially when using technology.

Farrah Penn • 7 hours ago

You are what you eat.

Farrah Penn • 4 days ago

Show is your receipts.

Farrah Penn • 5 days ago

Damn good.

Farrah Penn • 5 days ago

Banned from the kitchen.

Farrah Penn • 6 days ago

Oh, what a time.

Farrah Penn • 6 days ago

Spill some secrets.

Farrah Penn • 7 days ago

Where'd You Go, Bernadette?, IT: Chapter Two, To All The Boys sequel, and more!

Farrah Penn • 8 days ago

What IS the biggest difference between mink and synthetic eyelash extensions, and should people actually choose one over the other?

Farrah Penn • 13 days ago

Please burn this knowledge from my brain.

Farrah Penn • 14 days ago

Well played.

Farrah Penn • 17 days ago

Were you actually a Girl Scout?!

Farrah Penn • 19 days ago

Pour the milk, then pour the cereal.

Farrah Penn • 19 days ago

Bloomin' onion, baby.

Farrah Penn • 19 days ago

It's all science.

Farrah Penn • 20 days ago

Rolls, biscuits, bread, or breadsticks?!

Christopher Hudspeth • 15 days ago

We know, I swear!

Farrah Penn • 23 days ago

Candy corn was originally called "Chicken Feed."

Farrah Penn • 26 days ago

This is a disgrace.

Farrah Penn • 27 days ago