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15 Men Who Don't Know How Women's Bodies Work

"I didn't know about mascara. I just thought girls cried like ink squids."

1. This confusing logic:

On a thread about the stupidest comments redditor's Significant Others made. from badwomensanatomy

2. This very wrong information:

i don't know how people like this live with a woman long enough to have a child and still don't understand basic anatomy. sorry if the flair is wrong! from badwomensanatomy

3. This incorrect assumption:

I currently have a yeast infection so I let this guy know and apparently I got it from sleeping with “disgusting” people lmao from badwomensanatomy

4. This bad take from someone who apparently is looking for a blow-up doll:

How does this guy handle wiping his own ass? from badwomensanatomy

5. This misunderstanding:

Swimming = drowning from badwomensanatomy

6. This guy who just didn't get it:

He though it hurts to pee on your period? from badwomensanatomy

7. This incorrect mansplaining:

I honestly don’t know what to say from badwomensanatomy

8. This misinformed conclusion:

On a meme about "destroying Isis and Women's cervixes". Don't get your sex education from hentai, kids from badwomensanatomy

9. This extremely concerning logic:

i don't really know what to say from badwomensanatomy

10. This wild take:

Where do they come up with this stuff from badwomensanatomy

11. This confident assumption:

He seems too sure of himself for me to believe he's trolling... from badwomensanatomy

12. This very confused gentleman:

What do you mean you can't push out your periods ? from badwomensanatomy

13. This misunderstanding that's kind of funny:

Ink Squids from badwomensanatomy

14. This incorrect information:

your period pain is because you’re unhealthy from badwomensanatomy

15. And finally...this:

Pack it up ladies from badwomensanatomy

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