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    18 Tumblr Posts That Are Funnier Than They Have Any Right To Be

    "My dumbass always thought the song went 'I guess it rains down in Africa' and I was like, 'damn I guess it do.'"

    1. This intensely passionate professor:

    2. This very relatable experience:

    3. This shocking moment:

    4. This trippy image:

    5. This song that's 100% worth hearing:

    6. This answer that isn't wrong:

    7. This image that will haunt you:

    8. This mild concern:

    9. This person who was a little confused:

    10. This boy who is still a good boy:

    11. This cringeworthy moment:

    12. This relatable truth:

    13. This life advice that got weird fast:

    14. This gator who just wanted a little treat:

    15. This solid fact:

    16. This big mistake:

    17. This misheard lyric:

    18. And finally, this mom who was just trying to understand: