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    39 Very Important "Stranger Things" Questions That Need To Be Answered ASAP

    Warning: Spoilers!!!

    1. Will Eleven ever learn that Eggos are best served with butter and syrup?

    2. Are we ever going to learn about 001–010? Who were those people?

    3. What did the Demogorgon eat before it had access to our world?

    4. Did Lucas and Dustin's parents even care that they were never home?

    5. Is Hopper or Joyce going to tell Eleven's mom that she's alive?

    6. Did Mr. Clarke ever think the boys might be up to something not so legal?

    7. Is Barb really dead?

    8. We hear you and we understand what you’re saying, but are you 100% positive she isn’t somehow alive?

    9. Like, isn’t there a small chance that she could potentially come back?

    10. Are there still access points to the Upside Down now that the Demogorgon is dead, and if so, are they accessible/created by Eleven?

    11. WTF is the deal with the slugs?

    12. Is Brenner actually Eleven’s father or does she just call him Papa because he’s the main man in her life?

    13. Is Dr. Brenner actually dead? Because, to be honest, we just saw the Demogorgon potentially swallow him, but, from the angle they showed us, nothing is definitive.

    14. What kind of damage is done to Eleven when that much blood is coming from her nose? That has to be extremely bad.

    15. Why is her language so limited? She understands Dr. Brenner, but she doesn’t seem to understand most other people?

    16. Was she just not taught how to speak?

    17. Why the hell did Nancy crawl through the creepy tree?


    19. And why does she have to choose between a dude who let his friends call her a slut and a dude who photographed her half naked?

    20. Did the Demogorgon ACTUALLY die? What happened to it when it got set on fire and evaporated?

    21. What was in the weird egg thing that Joyce and Hopper found in the Upside Down?

    22. Did the Demogorgon hatch from it? Or did ANOTHER Demogorgon hatch?

    23. Also, what is all the ash stuff in the Upside Down?

    24. How did Will survive in the Upside Down for so long? Like what was he eating?

    25. Is Will gonna have side effects other than slug vomiting?

    26. Is Will now a Demogorgon, or is the thing he threw up into the sink going to grow in the pipes and turn into a new Demogorgon?

    27. Also HOW THE HELL did Will's mom and Chief Hopper get out of the Upside Down?

    28. And will they suffer side effects as well?

    29. Nancy also went in without protective gear — will she have side effects?

    30. Is that ACTUALLY Will Byers, or an Upside Down version of Will?

    31. What deal did Hopper make with those government people after they rescued Will?

    32. Also, what did they tell Hopper when they picked him up at the hospital?

    33. Why were Will’s friends so excited to tell him everything that happened and not traumatized?

    34. What's on Will's new mixtape from Jonathan?

    35. What is everyone who attended Will's funeral thinking?

    36. Who is in charge of that weird, government lab in Hawkins now that Brenner is dead?

    37. Honestly, why did Nancy stay with Steve?

    38. What's the deal with the freaking Thessalhydra?

    39. Is Eleven still alive? SHE HAS TO BE.