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    37 Questions We Still Have After Watching "Stranger Things 2"

    Warning: Spoilers ahead.

    1. What's the REAL reason behind Billy hating Max so much?

    2. Like, seriously, what's the backstory on Billy and Max?

    3. Where are kids 001-007, and also 009 and 010?

    4. Also, will they all have different abilities?

    5. Will Jane and Kali ever reunite?

    6. Will Max and Mike ever be friends?


    8. Can Max just join the party already? Goddamn.

    9. Can the Upside Down be completely destroyed?

    10. Can the Shadow Monster reopen the gate?

    11. Also, how was the Shadow Monster even created in the first place, and how does that connect to kids 01 through 011?

    12. Is Dr. Brenner still alive?

    13. What ACTUALLY happened to Hopper's daughter?

    14. Because it seemed like it was cancer, but it looked like she was also in Hawkins Lab?

    15. Did she have true sight, like Will?

    16. Exactly how far back does Hopper's relationship with the lab go?

    17. Will Hopper and Joyce ever be a thing?

    18 And if they become a thing, will Hopper ever tell her how involved with the lab he is?

    19. Did Joyce find out there is a Demodog in her refrigerator?

    20. Will Hopper have lasting side effects from being in the Upside Down, like Will did?

    21. And is Will completely rid of the Upside Down, or is there still some Shadow Monster lingering in his body?

    22. Will Eleven ever get to join the real world and go to school?

    23. And does she know that Hopper has "adopted" her?

    24. How are they going to explain Bob's death to the public, like Barb's?

    25. And is he really, really dead? Because I really liked him.

    26. Also, what about all the people who died in Hawkins Lab?

    27. Will Nancy and Jonathan last?

    28. Or will Steve swoop back in the picture?

    29. Is Steve going to go to college...or is he going to kick it in Hawkins?

    30. OK, but is Dustin's tortoise still alive? Where did it go?

    31. And where the hell is the Byers' dog?

    32. Did the Demodogs get him too, like Dustin's mother's cat?

    33. Is Billy going to try and swoop in on Mrs. Wheeler?

    34. Will Mr. Wheeler ever do anything productive?

    35. Are we positive that Eleven's aunt is good?

    36. Like, what was going on in those flashbacks, and who did she call on the phone?

    37. And finally, is Steve going to be their babysitter from now on? Please say "yes."