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    36 Questions About "Stranger Things 3" That I Need Answered IMMEDIATELY

    Warning: Spoilers!


    1. First and foremost, will Starcourt Mall be rebuilt?

    2. If Steve and Robin don't work at Scoops Ahoy anymore, then WHO in the WORLD is going to give Erica all her well-deserved free ice cream?

    3. Will Erica form her own D&D crew?

    4. OR will Erica start hanging out with Dustin & co.? Because we all know she's truly a fellow nerd.

    5. Will Steve and Robin find their one true love while working at the video store?

    6. Will Dustin and Suzie EVER reunite?

    7. And speaking of reunions, how are Mike and Eleven going to keep their relationship going long distance?

    8. And what about Nancy and Jonathan?!

    9. What town are the Byers's and Eleven moving to, anyway?

    10. Like, are they still in Indiana?


    11. Will Eleven experience the joy of having a real family????

    12. Also, will we ever know anything about kids 001-007, 009, and 010?

    13. Will Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler ever go to therapy? I feel like they need it.

    14. Honestly, every character on this show could use a good therapy session. WILL IT HAPPEN?

    15. Will Joyce ever find love again?

    16. Are Eleven's powers actually gone, or will they come back?

    17. Is Hopper really dead, or is he stuck in the Upside Down?

    18. Or is he being held hostage by the Russians?

    19. Were the Russians talking about Hopper when they referred to someone in one of the prisons as "the American"? I NEED TO KNOW.

    20. Also, what the hell are the Russians doing in that secret compound?

    21. Why the fuck do they have a Demogorgon?


    22. Is Billy really dead though????

    23. Will Max be OK after losing Billy? I'm worried about her.

    24. What's it going to be like when these friends start school in different places?!

    25. What does Murray's voicemail recording to Joyce MEAN????

    26. Will Steve and Robin only wear video store uniforms next season?

    27. Will the uniforms at least be less tacky than the Scoops Ahoy ones?

    28. Will the thirsty moms still go to the pool now that Billy isn't there to lifeguard?

    29. Will Nancy continue to pursue journalism?


    30. Honestly, what the hell kind of drugs did the Russians give to Robin and Steve?

    31. Did some poor child stumble upon Alexei's body at the Fourth of July celebration? (Also, RIP Alexei.)

    32. Will everyone's parents ever learn to keep a closer eye on their kids after EVERYTHING that's happened in Hawkins???

    33. Are we going to see more of Dr. Owens next season?

    34. And is Dr. Brenner still alive???

    35. Are dark and mysterious things still happening in the small town of Hawkins?!

    36. Finally, will we have to wait two more years for the next season??? I NEED ANSWERS, NETFLIX.