Here Are 15 Things People Are Doing In Quarantine That Will Restore Your Hope In Humanity

    Your weekly dose of happiness.

    1. This extremely wholesome dad activity:

    My dad bought a baby magnolia tree. Every morning he wakes up and checks on it about three separate times before his coffee is done brewing. He exclusively greets family members with, “so what do you think of the magnolia tree.” This is the most wholesome quarantine stress hobby.

    2. This neighborhood community that made this graduate feel special:

    She was 10moths old when she moved into this neighborhood. Under quarantine her neighbors celebrating college graduation. Meet my Neice Emily!🎓

    3. This daughter who surprised her father in the best way:


    I told my asian doctor dad I got into med school on his birthday... future MD! 👩🏻‍⚕️🩺 ##classof2020

    ♬ Surrender - Natalie Taylor

    4. This father's creative activity:

    I thought mom and dad were handling quarantine pretty well but then mom sent us this photo of the pool...

    5. This festive and adorable dog birthday:

    We celebrated Lady’s birthday with gifts, dog cake and many other surprises❤️🎂🎁🐩 #birthdayinquarantine #quarantine #dogsduringlockdown #animals

    7. This man who made this piano for his neighborhood:


    Everyone enjoyed the floor piano part II Keeping music education alive in my neighborhood ##brucegang ##littlethings @brucegang2

    ♬ Surrender - Natalie Taylor

    8. This thoughtful high school principal:

    9. This generous and thoughtful sister:

    my sister threw me a quarantine rave bday and im so thankful🥰

    10. This dog mom who threw the ultimate party:

    day ???? of quarantine: it’s my dog’s 3rd birthday so I went all out.

    11. This woman who made this delightful social distancing drinking game:

    12. This hilariously creative grad cap:

    Quarantine won’t take away my excitement for graduation 🥰👩🏽‍🎓

    13. This grandmother who is getting quality salon treatment:

    14. This friend who went above and beyond to make her roommate's birthday special:

    hi @barstoolsports it’s me, ya girl. it’s my best friend and roommate @aristo_CAT_’s birthday today, and she’s a big philly sports fan. so we threw her a quarantine birthday tailgate with a dollar dog delivery. please appreciate us.

    15. And finally, this father who went out of his way to make his family happy:


    wholesome video of my dad got taken down at 18k :(( reposting bc he’s too precious ##fyp ##foryoupage ##EatEmUp ##cookinghacks ##sushi ##wholesome ##father

    ♬ Married Life (From "Up") - Sergy el Som

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