17 Products Every Bath & Body Works Addict Owned In The '90s

    Everything sun-ripened raspberry.

    1. You fondly remember the green-capped days when you purchased nearly everything from the signature collection.

    2. But you knew you could find the BEST shit in the Art Stuff section.

    3. You glammed it up with an abundance of roll-on glitter...

    4. ...glitter in your hair gel...

    5. ...and even glitter in your shower gel.

    6. You were addicted to the fancy ~swirls~ within the packaging.

    7. And you were mesmerized by the floating dots in your body splash.

    8. The cosmetic cool foamtastic body wash was your JAM.

    9. And your first experimentation with makeup started with these colorful glosses.

    10. You still remember all five glorious songs on the Glitter Zone! album.

    11. And tbh, you were the real MVP if you had THIS:

    12. Yet on top of your Art Stuff collection, you owned SO MANY sun-ripened raspberry–scented stuff.

    13. And you owned at least *one* item from the Purely Silk line.

    14. There could NEVER be enough body butter in your life.

    15. You definitely had at least one of these mini body sprays in your gym bag.

    16. And you felt fresh as hell showering with one of these giant bars of soap.

    17. You remember simpler times when candles had just *one* flavor and not-so-fancy packaging.

    But most importantly, you always felt ON TOP OF THE WORLD whenever someone told you how incredible you smelled.