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21 Polly Pocket Sets That Will Give Every '90s Kid Intense Nostalgia

It was all a real delight until you stepped on one.

1. You fondly remember squealing with excitement when you spotted that teal-and-yellow packaging.

2. And you distinctly recall each vibrant container that withheld ENDLESS possibilities for your imagination.

3. You also not-so-fondly remember your parents yelling at you every time you left those tiny choking hazards lying around.

4. You owned a variety of the themed Polly compacts, like the SURPRISE GARDEN...

5. ...or the epic ballerina play set where Polly was always center stage...

6. ...or this ~enchanted evening~ set that set high expectations for your dating life...

7. ...or even this *magical* under-the-sea grotto.

8. Polly was livin' the actual dream in her own beach house with her friends.

9. And if they were tired of the pool? NBD. You'd bring her on over to her EPIC SKI LODGE.

I mean, no wonder Polly had so many friends.

10. You envied your friends who owned the SUPER-MEGA-BIG Polly compacts...

11. ...which contained things like an even BIGGER pool.

12. But it was fine because your water-park Polly set was the JAM.

13. Polly was the only toy that made school actually look fun...


14. And she made the whole service industry look like a breeze, tbh.

"WAITING TABLES IS SO FUN," said Polly, probably.

"WAITING TABLES IS KINDA A NIGHTMARE," said Reality, actually.

15. You also remember the incredible light-up play sets.

~so magical~.

16. And you distinctly recall losing your goddamn mind over the Disney-themed sets.



18. And you definitely remember wearing certain compacts around your neck.

19. It was a simpler time when those half-inch figurines ruled the imaginative world.

20. RIP, pastel plastic play sets.

21. And when we didn't see them and stepped on them, and considered throwing them all away, we will forever remember the days when our Polly villages conquered the land of our living room floor.

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