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    The Relaunch Of Polly Pocket Will Make You Feel Like You're Back In The '90s

    The mini Polly Pocket compacts will be sold in stores this summer.

    Nearly everyone who played with toys in the '90s remembers the delight of the itty-bitty world of Polly Pocket. I mean, more than 10 MILLION compacts were sold throughout the years!

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    The collectable compacts launched in 1989 and came in all different shapes and colors and featured various worlds inside.

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    The original Polly Pocket compacts discontinued in 1998 when Mattel took over Bluebird Toys and gave the entire line a makeover, which included making both dolls and compacts a lot bigger.

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    HOWEVER, today we are all winners because Polly Pocket has announced that the mini Polly compacts we all know and love are OFFICIALLY COMING BACK!!!!!!!

    Polly Pocket

    As you can see, Polly and her BFFs have received another updated look for girls today, but they still kept the colorful theme and adorably tiny dolls.

    Polly Pocket

    I wonder if it still hurts like hell when you step on 'em?

    Oof, this is really hitting me right in all my nostalgic feelings. Just look how cute this tropical beach is!

    Polly Pocket

    And, WOW, Polly even has her very own LIMO now!!!!

    Polly Pocket

    The new Polly Pocket product line will launch in June in the US to retailers nationwide and I, for one, truly look forward to reliving my childhood.

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