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21 Pictures That'll Make You Laugh And Then Say "I Need Jesus"

Our minds are all in the gutter.

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1. This divine restaurant:

2. The fine print on this:

3. This beautiful accident:

otterswag / Via

4. This unfortunate masterpiece:

mountain_itch / Via

5. This double meaning:

6. This partially burned out sign that kind of changed what this store is selling:

dontblink82 / Via

7. These very serious instructions:


8. This funny abbreviation:

marathonbearddan / Via

9. This unfortunate county name:

artful_musings / Via

10. This intriguing store:

fatlylesfoodco / Via

11. This fair warning:

signwaveaustralia / Via

12. This exceptional tagline:

r0burrit0 / Via

13. This slightly confusing sign:

kipzero / Via

14. This encouraging notice:

15. This friendly neighborhood store:

artful_musings / Via

16. This sweater that has a tempting touch:

rachelyaro / Via

17. This place that commands attention:

fastedmedia / Via

18. This dark sign that resembles someone in a casket...or on a grill:

19. This company that seems like they will change your life:

troydillinger / Via

20. This appetizing special:

jrothra / Via

21. And finally, the greatest gift of all:

carlottachampagne / Via

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