16 Siblings Who Were Absolutely Savage

They can — and they will — go there.

1. This sister who was maybe a little TOO honest.

2. This brother who was straight-up trolling.

3. And this sister’s thoughtful gift.

4. This sister who spoke her truth.

5. This sister had no trouble revealing her sibling’s true intentions.

6. This brother who threw that subtle shade.

7. This brother’s Christmas gift.

8. This sister who blasted her sibling on social media.


9. The brother who wrote this Christmas card.

“Buy a Hoe a steak on us, we love you!”

11. And this brother’s snap.

12. This sibling’s brilliant burn.

13. These presents this sister received.


14. This sister’s epic display of pettiness.

15. This sister’s thoughtful comment.

16. And finally, this sister who is 100% done.


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