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17 Photos Only People Who Went To Catholic School Will Understand

Forgive me Father for all my mass selfies.

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1. Trying to listen to your own music on the bus but being overshadowed by your bus driver.

2. Counting down the minutes until your favorite Bible verse.

3. Getting in trouble for unintentionally interrupting your class's time with the Lord.

4. Ripping your uniform tights for the billionth time and rocking it anyway because you're too lazy to go home and change.

5. Passionately disliking someone and questioning the power of prayer.

6. Forgetting to study for a math test and attempting to pull one over on your teacher because Jesus.

7. Falling into the weekly struggle of trying to wake up to multiple alarms on mass day.

8. Silently laughing at the one time you got away with leaving a super clever remark for all your classmates to see.

9. Ceremoniously cheering when you realized you never again had to wear saddle shoes every day of your life.

babawahh / Via

10. LOL-ing when your friends got you a beyond perfect birthday card.

sparkle_sloth / Via

11. Shaving only the small leg area where your uniform skirt ends and your knee highs begin because you're lazy AF.

12. High-fiving the life-sized Pope cut out in the hallway of your school because it makes the perfect Instagram.

danny_sayers / Via

13. Sneakily talking on the phone during study period and hoping your least favorite nun doesn't catch you in the act.

thesohela / Via

14. Slowly becoming jealous of your public school friends who didn't have to wear uniforms every day of their life.

princesszkate / Via

15. Consistently feeling like Jesus is watching you even outside of school.

16. Getting away with taking selfies while you and your friends waited for mass to begin.

sydschem / Via

17. And finally, summoning every ounce of prayer you could find during finals week and asking God almighty to help you pass.

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