17 Photos That Prove The Early 2000s Were A Tragic Mess

Three words: Shrek’s swamp pudding.

1. When this disaster was brought into the universe:

NealSavage / Via imgur.com

2. When peanut butter slices were marketed like American cheese:

3. When we thought crop tops and super low-cut jeans were a match made in heaven:

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Kevin Winter / Getty Images


4. When we all felt the need to wear our hair in an everyday wedding style with the Hairagami:

5. When we thought oozing green slime was actually a delicious treat:

Awesomekip / Via reddit.com

6. And when we ate “swamp pudding” that literally turned your tongue green:

7. Like, seriously, why were we so obsessed with green stuff:


8. When we drank BRIGHT-ASS BLUE soda without question:

9. And when ~regular fries~ just wouldn’t cut it:


10. When extremely narrow sunglasses made a ~stunning~ debut:

Getty Images

Mario Tama / Getty Images


11. And when we thought tinted, colored sunglasses made us look flawless:

Chris Weeks / Getty Images

Kevin Winter / Getty Images


12. When we needed our lip gloss to shine brighter than the actual sun:

Sergeytay / Getty Images

13. And when the market provided us with a sliding contraption for our tragically glittery lipstick:

14. When we wore pants that tied like goddamn shoelaces:

Chris Weeks / Getty Images

Chris Weeks / Getty Images


15. And when these newsboy caps were somehow in style:

Vince Bucci / Getty Images

George De Sota / Getty Images


16. When we thought playing with these was cute and not at all creepy:

17. And finally, when these keychains were somehow all the rage:


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