There Are A Ton Of Period Underwear Out On The Market, So We Tested Out Four Brands And Revealed What We Really Thought

    As more period underwear companies enter the period space, way more options (and styles!) have become available, so we decided to try some of 'em!

    Hi, we're Farrah and Lara — two period-havin' people who aren't about tampons but also aren't about pads. We also both live with varying forms of pelvic pain that make using menstrual cups difficult! Basically, period underwear is our jam. For the longest time, it seemed as though one brand was dominating the market: Thinx. But as more period underwear companies enter the period space, way more options (and styles!) have become available. So we decided to try out four brands of period underwear to determine the best one.

    Stock image of white underwear on a yellow background with red sparkles denoting period blood

    Also, this list is not exhaustive, so let us know after you read it if you think we should try some different ones next time! Let's get into it.

    1. First up: Modibodi. Modibodi began in 2011 after founder Kristy’s experience with “unmentionable” bladder leaks after the birth of her second child made her determined to start her own brand!

    Top-down image of ModiBodi packaging for their period underwear

    Although the brand has several types of clothing available, for the purpose of this piece, we specifically tried out their options for period underwear!

    Top down image of the underwear on top of a table, outside of their packaging

    2. Next on our roster? The popular, sold-on-Amazon BamBody! BamBody was born in Queensland, Australia in 2018, with a simple mission: offering a range of comfortable, affordable, and effective bamboo period underwear that helps to reduce blood leakages and additions to landfills!

    3. After that, we tried Knix! Knix's mission is to create products — ranging from wireless bras to super-absorbent period underwear — that are designed to make you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

    4. And then to complete our review of the newer-ish brands, we had to revisit the classic brand Thinx and see what else they've come up with over the years. Thinx's mission is clear: They create high-quality products for people with periods.

    Top down image of Thinx underwear, next to the packaging

    Here's what we thought of these period underwear after wearing them for several months...




    And here's Lara wearing these WITH JEANS (brave!) to show that you truly cannot tell even if they *feel* a bit like wearing a diaper:


    Here are the winners...

    Overall winner for quality: Knix

    Overall winner for price: BamBody

    Overall winner for comfort: Knix

    Do you have a favorite period underwear that's not listed? Let us know!