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    Updated on Jan 15, 2019. Posted on Jan 12, 2019

    15 People Who've Already Ruined 2019

    Banned from the kitchen.

    1. The person who decided that this is how pizza should be cut:

    BABY_666_PIMP / Via

    2. And the person who presented this hot dog pie:

    MacroPirate / Via

    3. The person who thought French fries needed melted gummy bears as a topping:

    MarzanoAndMeatballs / Via

    4. And the person who created a sushi roll with ONLY a pickle:

    Sophie_e_m / Via

    5. The person who invented this sandwich:

    SwirlyDye / Via

    6. And the person who made a conscious decision to call this a pizza:

    paladin_bih / Via

    7. The person who thought this might be delightful:

    so0osa4 / Via

    8. And the person who was maybe going to drink out of this but oh god I hope not:

    NotTheGhost / Via

    9. The person who invented pizza IN a pineapple:

    niko13107 / Via

    10. And the person who wanted apple sauce as a dipping condiment:

    crashking385 / Via

    11. The person who put sprinkles on sushi:

    valiant60 / Via

    12. And the person who made...whatever this is:

    cat_glitch / Via

    13. The person who found an interesting dip for their pretzels:

    verm33r / Via

    14. The person who garnished their mac 'n' cheese with a carrot:

    boneless_bepis / Via

    15. And finally, the person who made this executive decision:

    Milhouse242 / Via

    H/T Reddit