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    15 People Who've Already Ruined 2019

    Banned from the kitchen.

    1. The person who decided that this is how pizza should be cut:

    BABY_666_PIMP / Via

    2. And the person who presented this hot dog pie:

    MacroPirate / Via

    3. The person who thought French fries needed melted gummy bears as a topping:

    MarzanoAndMeatballs / Via

    4. And the person who created a sushi roll with ONLY a pickle:

    Sophie_e_m / Via

    5. The person who invented this sandwich:

    SwirlyDye / Via

    6. And the person who made a conscious decision to call this a pizza:

    paladin_bih / Via

    7. The person who thought this might be delightful:

    so0osa4 / Via

    8. And the person who was maybe going to drink out of this but oh god I hope not:

    NotTheGhost / Via

    9. The person who invented pizza IN a pineapple:

    niko13107 / Via

    10. And the person who wanted apple sauce as a dipping condiment:

    crashking385 / Via

    11. The person who put sprinkles on sushi:

    valiant60 / Via

    12. And the person who made...whatever this is:

    cat_glitch / Via

    13. The person who found an interesting dip for their pretzels:

    verm33r / Via

    14. The person who garnished their mac 'n' cheese with a carrot:

    boneless_bepis / Via

    15. And finally, the person who made this executive decision:

    Milhouse242 / Via

    H/T Reddit