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    21 People Who Were Maybe Bakers In Another Life, But Not This One

    Oh no, no, no.

    1. The person who really, really tried recreating Dora the Explorer:

    ash_leg2 / Via

    2. And the person who created some monsters of Sesame Street that look like they've been through some tough times:

    alzarn_ / Via

    3. The person who recreated a very...unique version of the Cookie Monster:

    cidiusgix / Via

    4. The person who tried so, so hard to recreate our old friend Thomas the Train:

    Observing_YourAntics / Via

    5. And the person who took a stab at recreating Elsa:

    loganBCN / Via

    6. The person who really put the effort into this extremely fancy cake and came up short:

    anotherfeller / Via

    7. And then there's the person who apparently gave up giving Dolly Parton feet:

    duncasterwood / Via

    8. The person who created a Sully from real nightmares:

    Appropriate_Buyer / Via

    9. And the person who tried their damnedest to portray Disney's favorite bookish princess:

    PrettyThroat / Via

    10. The person who created a very terrified-looking Chewbacca:

    IMAAssblaster / Via

    11. And the person whose Minnie Mouse has...three tongues:

    MrSquid224 / Via

    12. The person who gave it their all when recreating this Poppy cake:

    NClark1970 / Via

    13. And the person who created this surprising Jack Skellington:

    OlSquashy / Via

    14. The person who may have forgotten that Barney has a nose:

    SgtSltyChheze / Via

    15. And the person whose baby Moana appears a bit petrified:

    ZyuMammoth / Via

    16. The person who created a Thanksgiving turkey that looks more like a...well, you know:

    StealthRabbi / Via

    17. And the person who truly believed that this is what a duck looks like:

    chocolatefiend / Via

    18. The person who thought Justin Bieber's face belonged on a meat cake:

    khamerm / Via

    19. And the person who maybe, not-so-intentionally created a melting Olaf:

    MrSquid224 / Via

    20. The person who thought this was a very good replica of this groomsman cake:

    bananaloutay / Via

    21. And finally, the person who made a solid effort to recreate Snow White:

    cualcrees / Via

    H/T R/CakeFails and R/ExpectationVsReality

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