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    Updated on Mar 20, 2019. Posted on Feb 23, 2019

    People Are Sharing Their Practical, Zero-Regret Purchases And Now I'm Going On A Shopping Spree


    Tons of people on Reddit are sharing the most practical, zero-regrets product they've ever bought. And because someone once told me about rubber jar openers and it changed my life, I had to know what else I couldn't live without! Here are some of the most repeatable ones that'll make you wanna run to the store ASAP.


    1. A tongue scraper to make sure your mouth is as clean as it can be.

    Amazon / Via

    "Get a tongue scraper! Once you use one and see all the brown gunk that sits on your tongue, you will never want to go back."


    Get this one from Amazon for $7.99.

    2. A portable tire inflator that you can keep in your car instead of seeking out air pumps.

    Amazon / Via

    "An electric tire inflator. It's so convenient to add air to the tires where you live rather than going to gas station air pumps — especially in winter weather."


    Get this one from Amazon for $39.98.

    3. In-ear headphones that are good quality and won't fall out.

    Amazon / Via

    "A good pair of in-ear headphones. Nothing beats listening to music through high quality ear buds!"


    Get these from Amazon for $8.99.

    BTW, over 50,000 people on Amazon swear by these exact ones.

    4. A handy, basic tool kit to store under your sink just in case something needs fixin'.

    Amazon / Via

    "A good under-the-sink home tool kit if you don't have one already. I can say as a newly married twentysomething that it was the most useful gift my father-in-law got me."


    As a side note, I actually own this exact one and it has everything I've ever needed to build, hang, or fix things in my apartment!

    Get this one on Amazon for $15.99.

    5. A bidet that makes sure your bum is sparkling clean every time.

    Amazon / Via

    "My bidet. Best $35 I’ve ever spent."


    Get this one from Amazon for $34.50.

    6. Polarized sunglasses to keep your eyes protected and glare-free.

    Amazon / Via

    "Good polarized sunglasses. I thought spending that much money on sunglasses was insane, but driving in winter with snow reflecting is so blinding that good polarized lenses make your life so much easier."


    Get these from Amazon for $23.19.

    7. A dash cam for your car to save you the hassle of headaches in case an accident does happen.

    Amazon / Via

    "A dash cam! My dash cam caught someone reversing into an older lady’s car at a light! The person who hit her was claiming she hit him, and she was distraught."


    Get this one from Amazon for $44.99.

    8. An Instant Pot so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying delicious food with family and friends.

    Amazon / Via

    "Instant Pot without a doubt! Never knew a pressure cooker could do so much."


    Get this one from Amazon for $79.95.

    BTW, we wrote a detailed review about what it's like to cook with an Instant Pot here.

    9. A wet/dry vacuum for faster clean-up with messes that are both solid and liquid.

    Amazon / Via

    "As a home owner, I can’t say it enough. Get yourself a wet dry vacuum!"


    Get this one from Amazon for $39.99.

    10. Rechargeable batteries so that you don't have to keep making annoying trips to the store for new ones.

    Amazon / Via

    "Rechargeable batteries for Xbox controllers. I couldn't even begin to estimate how much I've saved over the years."


    Get these from Amazon for $26.99.

    11. A shoe horn, which makes putting on your shoes a whole lot easier.

    Amazon / Via

    "A shoe horn. They let you put your shoes on without hurting your back or ruining the back of your shoes."


    Get this one from Amazon for $6.99.

    12. A weighted blanket that will help you get your ultimate cozy on.

    Amazon / Via, Lara Parker / BuzzFeed / Via

    "A weighted blanket! I have a fifteen pound blanket and the constant pressure distributed across your body is godly."


    Get this one from Amazon for $249.

    BTW, we wrote a detailed review on this specific one here!

    13. TSA PreCheck that saves you the hassle of standing in longer security lines.

    Solstock / Getty Images

    "This is not a material product, but TSA PreCheck. Best money I've ever spent."


    I just want to second this and note that it really is incredible if you frequently fly out of very busy airports — especially during the holiday season!

    Learn more about how you can get TSA PreCheck here.

    14. A knife sharpener to keep your blades sharp, sharp, sharp!

    Amazon / Via

    "I have a set of fairly expensive knives and it literally never occurred to me that I had to sharpen knives. A knife sharpener makes such a difference when you meal prep!


    FYI, I bought this exact one last year and can say first hand that it's managed to keep my TJ Maxx knives very sharp.

    Get this one from Amazon for $5.99.

    15. Good quality kitchen tongs for everything from salads, grilling, and more.

    Amazon / Via

    "Some kitchen tongs. My roommates and I use them every day. I don't know what we did without it."


    Get these on Amazon for $10.95.

    16. A shampoo bar that comes packaging-free as a bar so you can save the earth AND have more shampoo.

    Lush / Via

    "Bar shampoo. Seems daft but it lasts me about three times as long as bottled shampoo and costs about the same as the bottled shampoo I was using. Plus, if I want to fly I don’t have to get miniature bottles. I can just take my bar and go!"


    Get this one from Lush for $11.95.

    17. A Tubshroom so you won't ever have to snake your shower drains again.

    Amazon / Via

    "A TubShroom. We tried every hair catcher out there and none work anywhere near as good as the Tubshroom. It's been a life saver with three girls with long hair in our house."


    Get this one from Amazon for $12.99.

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