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Dads Falling For The "Olive Oil In Your Car" Prank Is My New Favorite Thing

"If it is good for your heart it should be good for the car."

Dads are exceptional humans who are there to lend a helping hand whenever we need it. And — let's be honest here — to share only the punniest dad jokes whenever we don't ask for it.

So when @TheDad asked Twitter to prank their dads by sending a picture that made it seem like they'd used olive oil in their car instead of motor oil, people immediately started sending hilarious replies!!!!!

Text your dad this pic and “I put oil in my car and now it’s makin weird sounds?” Post replies.

Some dads were very, VERY concerned, like this dad who was about to leave a business call to help:

This dad saw right through the prank and responded with an A+ pun:

Or this dad, who gave some pretty solid advice:

There was also this dad who thought the mechanic should be spared from this information:

And this dad who literally had no words — just a reaction:

This dad could NOT believe what he was reading:

And this dad who did NOT hold back:

Other dads responded in only the dad-est way possible:

And this dad who had a reasonable explanation:

And then, finally, there was the dad who gave this very helpful suggestion:

Thanks for playing along like good sports, dads!!!!!!!!