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Just 15 Old People Who Were Hilariously Clueless On The Internet

We love them, even when technology does not.

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1. Evelyn, who would really like to correct her mistakes.

2. Luis, who is very interested in new social media apps.

3. Tammy, who perhaps doesn't realize that people use weather apps.

4. Connie, who DOES NOT want to be a member.

5. Shirley, who is having some issues.

6. This person who has an evil hacker.

7. And this person, who just wants to understand.

8. This person who wanted to include a health update with their birthday wish.

9. This person who ran into some trouble sending memes.

10. This person who has no idea what they're doing.

11. Josie, who is a bit confused by listing her previous employers.

12. This person who is just tired of Anne.

13. Judith, who will not be there with a chicken.

14. Charles, who is delivering Carol's bad news to Kmart.

15. And finally, the person who accidentally gave a five-star review on a missing product, and the other person who mistakenly thought it'd make a great ad.

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