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    19 Old People Who Are Too Pure For The Internet

    Grandparents are so pure, especially when using technology.

    1. The sweet old lady who had trouble with talk-to-texting:

    genleiaorgana / Via

    2. And this grandma who accidentally sent this gif in reply to a birth announcement:

    wolverine_badger / Via

    3. This grandma who was ecstatic to learn a new trick:

    meleeattacks / Via

    4. And this granny who meant to send kisses and definitely not THIS website:

    BenHellboner / Via

    5. This granny who doesn't condone bullying:

    fl4meingo / Via

    6. And this grandma who doesn't understand the reference one bit:

    Brandlil / Via

    7. This sweet grandma who had trouble asking for a favor:

    Blue_ridge1 / Via

    8. And this grandma who had issues with autocorrect:

    phat_phruit / Via

    9. This grandma who had a feisty reply:

    D33z_nutZ_ / Via

    10. And this grandma who definitely did NOT mean to include one of these photos in her marketplace ad:

    JAWS_OF_FIRE / Via

    11. This grandma who went from zero to 100 real quick:

    Brendii_ / Via

    12. And this sweet, sweet grandma who just wanted a passport photo without any filters:

    Tonka_the_meme_engin / Via

    13. This adorable lady who can't explain her urges:

    space-milk / Via

    14. This grandpa who had some feelings about this picture:

    sullmeister / Via

    15. And this grandpa who changed his mind:

    bigolbur / Via

    16. This grandpa who believes everything happens for a reason:


    17. And this grandpa who presented a riveting read:

    theneedforreed / Via

    18. This grandma who granted her permission:

    SamDrrl / Via

    19. And finally, this grandma who really struggled:

    FightMiilk / Via

    H/T r/OldPeopleFacebook

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