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17 Images That Will Most Likely Confuse Teens

Taking it way back.

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1. When there was a time CDs came in cereal boxes:

meechthegreat / Via

2. When we had i-Zone Polaroids before Instax Minis:

g0mmmme / Via

3. When this was how you played videos:

aer0head / Via

4. When Mr. Pibb looked like this:

SuicidalNoob / Via

5. These commercials that made you want this so badly:

mclardass / reddit / Via

6. When you'd spend hours on the original Kid Pix:

shrimplypibbles9460 / Via

7. When Doritos used to be ~3D~:

tony_dildos / Via

8. When Bath & Body Works targeted their tween audience:

WaitWhatHuhHow / Via

9. When holiday lightbulbs looked specifically like this:

AeonThoth / Via

10. When General Mills gave us Jurassic Park Crunch:

CJK610 / reddit / Via

11. When these snap bracelets were all the rage:

halloweencandy69 / Via

12. When this song was ALWAYS AND FOREVER stuck in your head:

Howie089 / Via

13. When Trix cereal used to look like this (RIP):

maxwell_x / Via

14. When we had Hit Clips before iPods:

SaulSilverado / Via

15. And before CDs, there were Books on Tape:

RedditNurseBot / Via

16. When you begged your parents for Gak:

OneNineFiveOne / Via

17. And finally, you remember a time when the only thing on the back of a quarter was the bald eagle:

reddit /

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