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    29 "Normal People" Behind-The-Scenes Secrets From The Cast And Crew

    Warning: minor spoilers!


    1. Paul Mescal (Connell) said that he sent Daisy Edgar-Jones (Marianne) a message when he heard she was cast, "which was rudely shunned and not replied to." Daisy, however, immediately denied this!

    2. Daisy and Paul had a few weeks of rehearsals before filming, which allowed them to get to know each other better and become friends.

    3. The two said they had a lot of fun working with each other on set.

    4. Upon meeting Paul Mescal, Sally Rooney (the author of Normal People) thought he was a great fit to play Connell.

    5. Paul said that he and Daisy had an intimacy coordinator (Ita O'Brien) who rehearsed with the two of them for a day prior to filming.

    6. Ita O'Brien was the intimacy coordinator for Normal People, Gentleman Jack, Watchmen, and Sex Education.

    7. Daisy stated that she felt O'Brien was just as important as a stunt coordinator, and that she felt like she was put in a safe environment to film those important scenes.

    8. Every intimate scene was 100% choreographed so that the actors had boundaries and no gray areas.


    9. Daisy said that monumental scenes, like when she's reunited with Connell at Trinity, were challenging to her because she had such a clear idea of how it was portrayed in the book that she wanted to be able to do it justice when it came to playing Marianne.

    10. Paul loved getting to play the parts where Connell and Marianne were happy together, but he also appreciated playing Connell's darker, more emotional moments since that's not often seen or expressed by men on television.

    11. Paul read the book in two days.

    12. Daisy's mother read Normal People in her book club, but Daisy read it after she auditioned.

    13. When Paul read with Daisy, he remembered it feeling like more of a conversation rather than acting a part.

    14. BBC wanted the entire book in one season, not split up into multiple seasons.

    15. Lenny Abrahamson, the show's director, stated that they made the decision early on to take an equal gender approach to nudity, as Hollywood tends to approach nudity with the male gaze.

    16. While filming was complete before quarantine started, Abrahamson said they had to finish finalizing edits via Zoom.

    17. One of Paul's favorite moments was wrapping up shooting in Italy because it was beautiful and everyone just got along so well.

    18. Paul read scenes with about 10 potential Mariannes for chemistry tests.

    19. Daisy heard about the book from her roommate, who sang its praises and heard about the audition from friends.


    20. Paul Mescal is roommates with India Mullen, who plays Peggy.

    21. Daisy said that she and Paul would grow frustrated by the communication barriers their characters had with one another.

    22. Paul said that the therapy scene was one he really wanted to get right.

    23. Paul stated that it's "very strange" to watch the success of the show unfold from his living room during quarantine.

    24. When Daisy walked in for the casting read, Paul remembered thinking she was exactly how he pictured Marianne looking.

    25. Paul, like Connell, actually played Gaelic football in school.

    26. Daisy said she loves that this series doesn't shy away from the fact that teenagers actually do feel things — they feel real pain and they feel real love.

    27. Paul and Daisy said there was one scene where Connell and Marianne were intimate and they had to wear "fake sweat," but when their bodies shifted positions, it sounded like "a massive fart."

    28. Daisy continued to say that the crew thought it was a real fart and they were all being very polite about it.

    29. Both Daisy and Paul felt an immense amount of pressure to bring these two characters to life — but we think they did a great job!


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