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You Might Know The Female Anatomy, But These 22 People Clearly Do Not

"It's gross people breastfeed. It's body fluids, not milk."

1. The person who was extremely confused by the clitoris:

2. And the person who fully believed breast milk is body fluids:

3. The person who felt the need to forewarn everyone about the dangers of menstruation:

4. And the person who believed you could control your uterus:

5. The person who was wrong on so, so many levels:

6. And the person who was extremely misinformed:

7. The person who really thought they hacked the system:

8. And the person who does not understand where period blood comes from:

9. The person who is fully convinced that women are the devil:

10. The people who once believed uteruses would not be safe in vehicles:

11. And the person who very wrongly explained how women get pregnant:

12. The person who believed the vagina has only two flavors:

13. And the person who is truly baffled by personal hygiene when menstruating:

14. The person who is convinced that the clitoris is an ACTUAL MYTH:

15. And the person who honestly believes period calendars and sexual partners correlate:

16. The person who is convinced that orgasms are UNHEALTHY:

17. And the person who wrote a full-on paper about this stretch of a concept:

18. The person who thought women have no control over their bladder:

19. And the person whose theory is just...something:

20. The person who thought they had the life and death cycle figured out:

21. And the person who fully believes men's skin works differently from women's skin:

22. And finally, the person who honest-to-god thinks that women have uteruses in place of brains.

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H/T r/NotHowGirlsWork