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    Take A Breather And Fill Your Heart With Joy By Looking At These 15 Wholesome Quarantine Moments

    It's time for a small smile break.

    1. This father who whipped out his expert Photoshop skills for some incredible results:

    My son got the spider man costume he's been wanting forever today. I held him up in various positions and then photoshopped myself out. Turned out pretty good!

    2. These two lil' babies having the most pure moment:

    3. This mother's reaction to her daughter's incredible news:

    If you need to see a little black joy, please watch my moms reaction when I told her I got into law school with a $40,000 annual scholarship 🤩

    4. This hilariously amazing transformation:

    Lmaooo dawg. This is funnier than I expected. EARTH TO STANLEY!

    5. This adorable man who really got into the wipe it down trend:

    6. This cat who got to go on an adventure:

    for anyone who needs some wholesome content, I took my (usually anxious) cat into my backyard today and he THRIVED i’ve never seen him so happy.

    7. This doggo who is ready to help make a change:

    8. These women who had the purest miscommunication:

    9. These fantastic McDonald's employees who gave some heartfelt advice:

    10. This man who decided to make this joyful video:

    here, take this wholesome tiktok

    11. This kitty who wanted some company:

    wholesome text from my dad today omg

    12. This dog who really missed her grandma:

    She hasn’t seen my mom since the quarantine started I think she missed her💜🐾

    13. This fantastic dance-off:

    Quarantine dance off with my lil man. Who do you think won? Let me know in the comments. KD(dad) VS Kimoni🤣🤣🤣🕺🏾🕺🏾 #boppin #Beamahhchallenge #fathersondanceoff #blackfathersmatter

    14. This incredibly sweet birthday:

    me and my amazing siblings threw my dad a quarantine birthday 🥺🥳

    15. And finally, this thoughtful gift:

    My parents have been in different countries since quarantine started and my mom rly misses my dad, so my sister got her a pillow with my dad’s face on it