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17 Mom Texts That Will Make You Snort-Laugh

Bless them.

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1. This mom who didn't look closely at the emoji:

bc18 / Via

2. This mom who's dealing out some ruthless life advice:

emptyasiannest / Via

3. And the mom who either had a practical joke played on her, or doesn't quite understand autocorrect:

paulinapacheco / Via

4. This mom who is just trying to keep it fresh:

ameliabrenner / Via

5. And this mom who didn't deliver context:

mizalmond / Via

6. This mom who came through with a random morning question:

nar58 / Via

7. This mom who didn't hesitate sending a perfect reaction pic:

sofi_xochitl / Via

8. This mom who didn't think twice before making a classic mom joke:

radiokayla / Via

9. This mom who doesn't give any fucks:

gingerdamore / Via

10. This mom who discovered the magic of GIFS:

miss_peike / Via

11. And this mom who, quite frankly, is fed up with moochers:

textsfromdad_ / Via

12. This mom who found a way to drop a hint:

textsfromdad_ / Via

13. This mom who's just trying to use Voice Text:

meghanfinan / Via

14. And this mom who has no idea how social media works:

itsacaseything / Via

15. This mom who has big hopes and dreams:

rayxix / Via

16. This mom who didn't quite think it through:

17. And finally, this mom who has a very important question:

angelaroan / Via

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