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    21 "Modern Family" Moments That'll Make You Laugh Every Time

    "If you love something, set it free. Unless it's a tiger." —Phil's-osophy

    1. When Phil TMI'd.

    2. When Jay experienced his first "moon landing" with Cam.

    3. When Mitchell made this perfect escape out of his office on Halloween.

    4. When Gloria's accent was misunderstood.

    5. When Luke had a big misunderstanding.

    6. When this happened.

    7. When Lily made a good point.

    8. When Gloria gave Manny dating advice.

    9. When Phil took a plane to the face.

    10. When Cam became the school's music teacher.

    11. When Alex found out Haley was flirting with an eighth-grader.

    12. When Cam had perfect timing.

    13. When Jay tried to teach Gloria how to ride a bike.

    14. When Haley moved out of her dorm.

    15. When Phil was completely honest.

    16. When Haley tried to be sassy but it backfired quickly.

    17. When this dinner disaster happened.

    18. When Cam was having none of this nonsense.

    19. When Luke served up this burn.

    20. When Phil was proud of his newest form of advertising.

    21. When Manny asked Cam for dating advice.