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    Today's Country Stars Play A Hilarious Game Of Never Have I Ever

    "Never have I ever... written a song about an ex that did me wrong."

    BuzzFeed attended this year's CMA Fest, where we caught up with many of today's biggest country stars. We had them play a fun (and juicy) game of Never Have I Ever, and here's what they said!

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    Never have I ever fallen off a mechanical bull:

    Miranda Lambert admitted to falling off one before.

    And Rascal Flatts thinks they are impossible to stay on.

    Never have I ever cheated on a test:

    Lauren Alaina decided to plead the fifth.

    And Phil Vassar admitted to cheating on his driving test.

    Never have I ever broken a bone:

    Trace Adkins has surprisingly broken MANY bones.

    But Dustin Lynch has NOT broken any bones (that he knows of, at least).

    Never have I ever written a song about an ex that did me wrong:

    Brett Young confessed to writing a song about an ex who wronged him.

    Meanwhile, Dierks Bentley admitted to writing an entire ALBUM over an ex that did him wrong.

    Never have I ever looked through a significant other's phone without permission:

    Brett Young has never gone through a significant other's phone.

    But Lauren Alaina fessed up!

    Never have I ever used a fake ID:

    Brooke Eden confessed to using more than one fake ID.

    And so did Phil Vassar, although he admitted it was quite a while ago.

    Country forever, y'all.