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15 Times Men Were Extremely Confused By Women

"Y'all don't shower with your pads on?"

1. The person who had an interesting outlook:

i’m not sure if this has been posted before, but i found this on r/insanepeoplefacebook from badwomensanatomy

2. The person who was confused by how pads work:

Can you imagine? from badwomensanatomy

3. The person who was very sure of themself:

Mansplaining Vulvas from badwomensanatomy

4. The person who was a true nonbeliever:

Menstrual pain is a myth! from badwomensanatomy

5. The person — I'm sorry, "medical doctor" — who was very incorrect:

Ah yes, because a medical doctor totally calls their patients “sluts who could nearly trip over their sagging pussy lip”.... from badwomensanatomy

6. The person who thought they needed to offer this explanation:

I just.... I just can't. from badwomensanatomy

7. The person who was anti–free the nipple:

wOmEn CaNt bE sHiRtLeSs MiLk wOuLD lEaK from badwomensanatomy

8. The person who needs a lesson in periods:

....uh no from badwomensanatomy

9. The person who had a lot of...thoughts:

Kyle, Kyle, Kyle from badwomensanatomy

10. The person who was extremely misguided:

I’ve never crossed my legs so fast in my life from badwomensanatomy

11. The person who had this very wrong opinion:

Now I'm no expert, but Im pretty sure this ain't how you girls work from badwomensanatomy

12. The person who thought they understood periods:

I mean I wish? from badwomensanatomy

13. The person who believed this nonsense:

Also bad mens anatomy from badwomensanatomy

14. The person who didn't quite understand how DNA works:

Jeez, I hate when man DNA gets into my brain from badwomensanatomy

15. And finally, this person who just didn't get it:

I..... I don't think that's how that works from badwomensanatomy

H/T r/badwomensanatomy

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