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    Updated on Jun 11, 2019. Posted on Jun 3, 2019

    17 Men Who Proved To The World That They Need To Take A Sex Ed Class

    That's...not how that works.

    1. The person who believes your body turns off your period at night:

    nosysister99 / Via

    2. The person who legitimately thinks that breasts explode in space:

    joe1up / Via

    3. The person who was very confident about their fake science:

    MontanaKittenSighs / Via

    4. The person who wasn't aware vaginas don't need a bar of soap shoved up in there:

    taimyp / Via

    5. The person who believes tampons ruin your vagina:

    lollemons / Via

    6. The person who is sold on the fact that body posture can reveal a lot about you:

    samunseen / Via

    7. The person who believes female masturbation is a waste of eggs:

    gazzles8 / Via

    8. The person who created this ad who thought females have four holes:

    tell23 / Via

    9. The person who was wildly wrong about how babies are made:

    xduddleyx / Via

    10. The person who is confident that women have one less layer of skin than men:

    loneheroine21 / Via

    11. The person who believes cum is pee:

    helloju1981 / Via

    12. The person who believes — I kid you not — that women have ass sensors:

    k0ella / Via

    13. The person who thinks "re-virginization" is a thing:

    puppypuppyl0v3 / Via

    14. The person who believes women don't need to use toilet paper:

    spectickles91 / Via

    15. The person who thought there was only one way to orgasm:

    madidom / Via

    16. The person who thought inserting tampons was like having sex:

    kconn7210 / Via

    17. And finally, the person who thinks it is fully possible to penetrate a cervix:

    ariaofthestars17 / Via

    H/T BadWomenAnatomy

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