15 Jokes About The Way Men Stereotypically Write Women

    "Her breasts were amazing — soft and comfortable like the bun that comes with the McDonald's Filet-O-Fish Sandwich."

    1. The without-a-single-flaw trope: 

    2. The person who absolutely nailed this specific voice: 

    3. The obvious callout of overused descriptors:

    4. The idea that all female characters know how to cut their hair perfectly: 

    5. This eye roll–inducing sentence:

    6. Or, you know, the complete exclusion of women because they are too perplexing:

    7. The overused personality type: 

    8. This (unfortunately) accurate list:

    9. The woman with attitude depiction: 

    10. The blatant boob awareness 24/7: 

    11. This brilliant satire: 

    12. This poetic line: 

    13. Everything about this sentence: 

    14. This hilarious callout:

    15. And finally, this award-winning description: 

    H/T r/menwritingwomen