19 Tweets About Men That'll Make You Sharply Inhale And Then Deeply Exhale

    "I asked this guy what he wanted to study and he said, 'Astrology, I love space.' Sir, do you mean astronomy???"

    1. This man who gives absolutely no fucks:

    Never forget when I lived in Florida, I was talking to this guy and found out he had a gf. I found her insta, messaged her, we met up, took a selfie and posted it to fuck w him. He screenshotted the selfie and posted it on his insta and said “both my girls lookin good for real”

    2. This dude who very clearly does not read:

    3. This guy who was just very confused:

    One time i was texting this guy and he said something funny to which i replied “asgdhfjgkl im screaming” and then he said “about what” so idk maybe 28 is too old

    4. This dude who really doesn't know:

    I was talking to this guy and i asked him what he wanted to study in college and he said “astrology i love space” sir do u mean astronomy???

    5. This man who decided to send over an interesting gift:

    Just thinking about that one time I was talking to this guy on bumble and he said “I made you something” and sent me this

    6. This guy who really needed to stop talking:

    Can’t stop thinking about how I was talking to this guy and he mentioned how he shouldn’t have let his ex go

    7. This dude who really did that:

    One time I was texting this guy I hooked up with and he said he was going to a wedding and I later found out it was his

    8. This guy who didn't make a great first impression:

    Is this guy accusing me of pretending to be into one of the most popular animated shows of all time to get matches on tinder.......

    9. This man who was A+ and made all the rest look bad:

    two years ago when I was visiting Egypt a random man told my dad that he would give him 100 camels for my hand in marriage. I think about him every time I get a “wass6p” text from a white boy. do you guys think it’s too late to accept his proposal

    10. This boy who was a player from the start:

    When I was 9 I had a boyfriend on club penguin but this one time I logged on and he was marrying someone else, i was so angry I threw a snowball at him but he didn’t care. Men ain’t shit

    11. The men who send these kinds of messages:

    being straight is exhausting you message a guy on tinder like “cute dog” and he’ll reply “thanks haha you wanna come over and ride this dick reverse cowgirl til you bleed organs” no man go to therapy jesus fuck

    12. The guys who are really out here with 1,000% confidence:

    guys LOVE to say “you’re totally in love with me” like actually buddy i’m in love with my ex boyfriend who has me blocked on every platform. i am simply passing time with you. please humble yourself

    13. This man who made this assumption:

    sometimes i hate talking to scarborough mans because i told this guy i was in my parenting and child relations class and he really said “saying you’re ready to be a mom??”

    14. This guy who just straight-up ghosted:

    One time I was texting this guy and he said “I’m gonna take a nap I’ll talk to you after!” Never heard from him again, it’s been five years.

    15. This dude who had a real interesting follow-up question:

    Story time: I was getting gas and this guy comes up and is talking to me right. He sees the Baby On Board sticker on my car and he goes, “oh I didn’t realize you were married, my bad.” So I tell him I’m not anymore...Explain to me why this dude asks me “when’d he die?”

    16. This guy who was just...something else:

    @postgrad_barty Met the guy on tinder, about 3 mins into meeting him he goes “can you buy me water and a pack of cigs”, I comply, I think I spent $70 because he kept pressuring me to buy him stuff and he didn’t spend a dime, he kept farting too ?? Then he tried to catch a pigeon with his hands

    17. This man who wasn't as smart as he wanted to be:

    Called a guy out on tinder for having a gf but grabbed screenshots before I sent the message, he blocked me, I sent his gorgeous gf a message with the screenshots. He’s trying to cover his ass of course. She just FB called me to tell me thank you. We need to stick together

    18. This dude who should 100% be single:


    19. And finally, this guy:

    A guy wrote to me on Tinder calling me quite the catch cos I like nachos and It’s Aways Sunny, so I wrote back saying well if you’re impressed by that you should see my tits and HE UNMATCHED ME. I literally have no idea what men want