50 McDonald's Menu Items You Won't Find In America

    I'm lovin' it.

    1. First of all, you're going to have to travel to Japan if you want to take a big bite of filet o' SHRIMP.

    2. Did you know you can *also* order a literal green smoothie. Who says McDonald's isn't healthy?

    3. They also offer teriyaki McBurgers, which look SO TASTY.

    4. In Russia, they have a delightfully delicious shrimp wrap.

    5. They also offer this breakfast item: rolls with cottage cheese, raisins, and dried apricots. Um, yum?!?

    6. And in China, you can find this grilled chicken twisty pasta. YUM.

    7. In Brazil, you can get STEAK. FRIES.


    9. You'll have to make your way to Spain if you want to devour this chocolate croissant.

    10. They also have this bruschetta appetizer with a fancy-ass side of olive oil.

    11. And these freakin' delicious-looking CHEESY BITES are making me both jealous and hungry.

    12. Did I mention they also have chicken WINGS?

    13. Plus, Spain also has CHEESY FRIES, which just isn't fair.

    14. If you want a taste of a McToast, you'll have to find your way to Germany.

    15. You can also gobble down a tasty Pita Mac while you're there.

    16. In India, you can get your hands on a Veg McMuffin for breakfast.

    17. Or you can devour an egg wrap with chipotle sauce.

    18. You can give your taste buds a real treat, because they also have paneer wraps.

    19. They also have these things called McPuffs, which is essentially a hot pocket that I need in my life.

    20. In Austria, they have Gouda Thaler, which they call "five pieces of cheese happiness," and I believe them.

    21. They also have sides of fried shrimp AND curly fries. I am jealous.

    22. Plus, if you don't eat meat, you can get a veggie chicken sandwich.

    23. For dessert, Austria has these adorable mini donuts AND raspberry-vanilla pockets.

    24. In Turkey, they have mozzarella sticks as a side.

    25. And look at this healthy breakfast spread Turkey has to offer!

    26. Honestly, their desserts look like they belong in a five-star restaurant.

    27. In Australia (where they call Mcdonald's "Maccas," FYI) and Canada, you can get a big heapin' of gravy over your fries.

    28. Also in Australia, you can get a cheese and tomato toastie.

    29. They also have a variety of macarons for dessert!!!! What!!!

    30. In Malaysia, they offer a yummy Bubur Ayam McD, which is a savory porridge!

    31. Plus they have a banana McFlurry. GIMME.

    32. Or you can choose to order the Pulut Hitam pie, which is a black glutinous rice filling.

    33. Does this look like a tender burger? Nope. In Sweden, you can order this McVegan!

    34. In the U.K., you can get a New York Stack (which ironically you can't get in a New York McDonald's.)

    35. And you can pair it with these scrumptious-looking Monterey jack cheese melts. I WANT THEM.

    36. In Thailand, you can get this savory chicken porridge for breakfast.

    37. Or, if you'd like, you can absolutely order a serving of also fish and rice.

    38. You can get a Greek Mac in Greece, because OF COURSE YOU CAN.

    39. Guess what? You'll find MORE chicken porridge in Indonesia.

    40. They also have spicy fried chicken!

    41. But don't worry — you can wash down that spiciness with an iced Lychee tea.

    42. In Mexico, you can order McMolletes for breakfast. JEALOUS.

    43. Or you can grab yourself a McMuffin a la Mexicana, which has a scrumptious Mexican omelet, bacon, cheese, and refried beans.

    44. In Norway, you can order a side of SWEET POTATO FRIES.

    45. And, of course, there is MORE fried cheese! Specifically, chili cheese bites.

    46. WOWOW, in Singapore, you can order a salmon burger!

    47. And if you're feeling adventurous, you can grab a side of Seaweed Shaker fries.

    48. But honestly? Good luck trying to pick out which matcha-flavored dessert you want.

    49. In the Philippines, you can eat chicken with a McSpaghetti, which honestly sounds delicious.

    50. ANNNNND, to end on a majorly delicious note, the Phillipines *also* have an ube McDip. OMG.

    Which do you wanna try the most?