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    I'm Terribly Sorry To Present These Times Male Authors Badly Wrote Female Characters

    "There is little good-looking about a pregnant woman."

    1. "How can I describe this woman as friendly? Ah, I'VE GOT IT."

    lordandsaviour / Via

    2. "This is 100% how breasts work. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about."

    crazy3000 / Via

    3. "I've got a great line. Women should really talk more about their breasts' feelings!!!!"

    afuckingpagan / Via

    4. "This is definitely how a father would describe his daughter."

    wherethewindssigh / Via

    5. "Just want to make it VERY clear how sexy her breasts are!!!"

    Bashfulapplesnapple / Via

    6. "Since women peak at age 19, I want to make sure readers know she's not a decrepit 36-year-old!!!!!!"

    hotmopo / Via

    7. "I can write women really well because I've had exactly one conversation with a woman."

    cheribella / Via

    8. "I've done this to zero women, but I know it makes sense."

    princess_nell / Via

    9. "What do you mean, 'This sounds creepy'?"

    mylifeinneon / Via

    10. "What should I compare these breasts to? I'VE GOT IT. PUPPIES."

    11. "I'm such an artist with words."

    hupigi / Via

    12. "Of course I know why some women are confrontational!!!"

    daelight_tk / Via

    13. "Breasts totally get scared."

    tswan89 / Via

    14. "I really can't fathom why nobody has ever thought to write about breasts this way. God, I'm creative."

    CurdledBeans / Via

    15. "How do I write about her abs in a sexy way? I KNOW."

    inquisitorial_25 / Via

    16. "Mm, yes. Flesh skeleton."

    _renji / Via

    17. "Man, sheep are totally underrated."

    wingeddinosaur / Via

    18. "I know what women want to hear because I am an expert."

    BringMeDatCorpse / Via

    19. "This is Pulitzer material."

    sadhairahcaz / Via

    H/T: @men_write_women and r/menwritingwomen.