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    People On Reddit Shared 18 Incredible Makeup Tricks That Are Honestly A+

    Aloe vera as primer?! WHOA.

    1. "Use primer to fix eye makeup mistakes instead of makeup remover. It leaves a primed surface for new attempts and makes less of a mess."

    2. "Apply loose powder with a damp beauty blender. It actually sets foundation without without drying out your skin."

    3. "Use a piece of card (or something similar) behind your lashes while putting on your mascara so you don't accidentally streak it onto yourself when applying."

    4. "Use aloe vera gel as a primer. It's a bit weird, but it makes foundation application much nicer. It doesn't help with longevity, but it does make it smoother."

    5. "Heat your eyelash curler with the blow drier for a few seconds before using it. It holds the curl so much better."

    6. "Use hairspray on a spoolie to calm down bushy eyebrows."

    7. "Use eye primer on your nose so your foundation lasts longer, especially if you wear glasses or sunglasses. No more awkward smudge marks!"

    8. "When I'm feeling lazy, I use an eyeliner pencil dipped in gel liner instead of a brush. It won't give you that precise wing, but it will give you the staying power of the gel liner."

    9. "I always use eyeshadow for my brows. I don't see the use in getting eyebrow powder when there's perfectly good eyeshadow in exactly the right colors to use."

    10. "It took me way too long to figure out that a pump of my daily moisturizer (like Cetaphil) plus a pump of foundation equals a DIY tinted moisturizer."

    11. "Almost every mascara wand you use straight from the tube will be covered in WAY too much product. Wipe off the wand with a paper towel before applying it to your lashes. Yes, it is wasteful, but it makes such a difference!"

    12. "My best hack is to use a tackle box as a makeup case. So many compartments! I travel a lot, so it's really easy to just pick up and go."

    13. "When applying foundation, I always use downward motions (with brushes/sponges/whatever you use!) That way your light facial hair lies flat down."

    14. "Use coconut oil to remove eye makeup. It makes my lashes super soft, full, and moisturizes the skin around my eyes as well."

    15. "If your mascara is beginning to dry out, add a few drops of contact solution to the bottle and leave it for an hour. It will last longer."

    16. "Apply powder before foundation to make it last longer."

    17. "At the end of brushing your teeth, rub the bristly end of your toothbrush over your lips to gently exfoliate, and then apply your favorite lip balm/lipstick."

    18. "I'd read on Pinterest that Monistat (anti-chafing gel) works well as a makeup primer. I was tired of spending a fortune on name-brand primer, so I gave it a go and can confirm it works as well as (if not better than) the pricier stuff. Try it out!"

    H/T r/MakeupAddiction