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    Lush Released 40 New Holiday Products And They're Just So Good

    You're about to smell very merry and bright.

    Lush recently announced their official holiday line for 2019 containing 71% BRAND NEW PRODUCTS! Which makes me feel pretty darn jolly. Here's everything you're gonna want to buy!

    1. Chris the Camel Bath Bomb

    2. Polar Bear Plunge Bubble Bar

    3. Not So Secret Santa Bath Bomb

    4. Dala Horse Bath Oil

    5. Don’t Let The Bells End Amazeballs

    6. Elf Bomb Bomb

    7. Fireball Bath Bomb

    8. Holly Golightly Amazeballs

    9. Fly Me To The Moon Amazeballs

    10. Igloo Bath Oil

    11. Jingle Bells Bath Bomb

    12. Magic Lamp Fun Kit

    13. Penguin Bomb Bomb

    14. Pop Art Bath Bomb

    15. Rudolph Bath Bomb

    16. Santa's Workshop Bath Bomb

    17. Snow Fairy Amazeball Bath Bomb

    18. Snowman Dreaming Bath Bomb

    19. Snow Fairy Bath Bomb

    20. Snow Fairy Fun Kit

    21. Warm Sock Bath Oil

    22. Santa’s on His Way Bath Oil

    23. Retro Tree Bath Oil

    24. Snowman Bath Oil

    25. Snow Apple Soap

    26. Night Bloom Soaps

    27. Satsuma Soap

    28. Winter Berry Soap

    29. Baked Alaska Soaps

    30. Snow Fairy Soap

    31. Let It Glow and Let It Snow Shimmer Bars

    32. Sleepy Dusting Powder

    33. Snowflake Body Lotion and Snowflake Naked Body Lotion

    34. Bûche de Noël Spring Roll

    35. Galaxy Lip Scrub

    36. Candy Cane Toothpaste Jelly

    37. Yog Nog Shower Gel and Naked Shower Gel

    38. Drummers Drumming Shower Jelly

    39. Silver Bells Shower Jelly

    40. Cookie Dough Shower Scrub

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