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Guys, I’m Going To Go Broke Because Lush Released Their Halloween Line

I want them all!

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Sink into luxurious, dark bath waters with this Bewitched bubble bar.


This bubble bar creates the goth bath waters of your dreams. Scents of berry and citrus will put you in the relaxed state of mind. Get it at Lush for $7.95.

This silky, spooky Pumpkin bath bomb that will fill your tub with delightful scents of pumpkin pie.


This adorable bath bomb releases soothing fall scents of spicy-sweet pumpkin pie and cozy vanilla. Get it at Lush for $7.75.

This adorably relaxing Monsters' Ball bath bomb that makes brightening and frightening pink bubbles.


This little guy brings a bright pop of pink to your tub, releasing delicious scents of fruity lime and neroli. Get it at Lush for $7.95.

This gorgeously cryptic Lord of Misrule bath bomb that produces swirls of green and dark pink.


Watch swirls of green and pink dance around your tub with this luscious bath bomb, smelling uniquely like patchouli and black pepper oil. Get it at Lush for $7.75.

This gorgeous Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar that will leave you feeling fresh and glamorous.


Not only is this bath bomb GORGEOUS, it releases invigorating scents of juniper berry, lime, and grapefruit oils. Get it at Lush for $7.95.

This pretty Pink Pumpkin bubble bar that will have you feeling cute for Halloween.


Break off a piece of this sparkling pink beauty to release some sweet scents of geranium, bergamot, and jasmine. Get it at Lush for $7.95.

This adorable Goth Fairy shimmer bar that gives you both moisture and shine.


Smooth and pamper your skin with this little goth fairy bar that smells like bergamot and grapefruit oils. Get it at Lush for $7.95.

This creepy, beautifully smelling Hedgewitch soap that contains scents of blackberries and honeysuckle.


Cleanse your skin with this ~Halloweeny~ soap. It releases delightful scents of rich, juicy blackberries. Get it at Lush for $7.95.

This mesmerizing Magic Wand pomegranate soap that will make you feel squeaky clean.


Scrubs away your sorrows with this enchanting, fruity soap that contains detoxifying charcoal and and enzyme-rich pomegranate. Get it at Lush for $6.95.

This beautiful Black Rose lip tint that will give your lips some extra OOMPH.


This mesmerizing lip disc changes from black to pink when you put it on, nourishing your lips with spearmint and mandarin orange. Get it at Lush for $9.95.

You can shop the entire collection here.

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