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    21 Littlest Pet Shop Toys That'll Give Every ’90s Kid Intense Nostalgia

    They don't make 'em like this anymore.

    1. You nearly lost your goddamn mind when you spotted a new play set in the familiar shape of an animal cracker box.

    bentandbroken87 / Via

    2. You could hardly wait to get home so you could start playing with your adorable, thumb-sized cuties.

    3. And your collection was consistently growing BECAUSE YOU JUST HAD TO HAVE THEM ALL.

    heavyempirewife620 / Via

    4. You NEEDED to adopt these precious cats and their adorable kitty terrain...

    barbaramillicentroberts / Via

    5. ...and you definitely had to make room for your darling aquatic creatures.

    6. Or perhaps a cluster of baby bunnies in a gigantic basket was more your thing...

    hope24 / Via

    7. ...or maybe you spent hours playing with these fancy fawns who roamed freely in the forest.

    justbritty / Via

    8. You'd spend hours playing the official board game with your other pet-obsessed friends.


    9. Mostly because it came with more adorable creatures, but whatever.

    buyitnowbonanza / Via

    10. You just about lost it when you discovered the cuteness of POLAR PETS.

    caj009 / Via

    11. And the option to feed your own baby Shamu? YOU NEEDED TO MAKE IT YOURS.

    1gramcm3 / Via

    12. If you were super lucky, you owned the ~actual~ pet shop building to home all your beloved animals.

    ishoppedforyou / Via


    14. These tiny creatures were easy to lose in between couch cushions, but it was always a delightful surprise when you found them again.

    hope24 / Via

    15. But at least they were easier to take care of, since you didn't have to worry about them destroying your furniture or peeing in your shoes.

    lisaly2 / Via

    16. And each beloved animal came with a super fancy home, like this VIP dog house and trellis...

    roger1465 / Via

    17. ...or this bright purple, flourishing rabbit cage filled to the brim with carrots...

    dancing_cats / Via

    18. ...and even a pink, pastel paradise for your growing family of kittens.

    dancing_cats / Via

    19. It was a simpler time when we could sprawl out on the floor with our pet village and these tiny trinket animals.

    outoftheboxxtoys / Via

    20. So here's to all the hours spent playing with our darling pets.

    modchris4114 / Via

    21. We will forever remember how it fed our obsession with wanting to adopt every type of animal in existence.

    grammaysantiques / Via

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