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Kit Harington And Rose Leslie Are Hilarious Together And I Dare You Not To Cry With Laughter

"One more question — how soon can you grow back that beard?"

1. When Rose was openly funny about Kit's beard on SNL:

2. When Kit played his first April Fools' prank on Rose by hiding a (fake) severed Jon Snow head in the refrigerator:

3. And when Rose explained why it was very important for her to save that Brita filter in the moment:

Late Night with Seth Meyers / Via

4. When Kit's OTHER April Fools' prank on Rose severely backfired on him:

Late Night with Seth Meyers / Via

5. When Kit serenaded Rose by singing about her wildling character on Game of Thrones:

6. And when Chris Martin of Coldplay mentioned Kit was a little flat and Rose jumped to his defense:

Coldplay / Via

7. When Kit was funny about the one paparazzi guy who hides outside his and Rose's home:

Esquire UK / Via

8. When Kit dressed up as Ygritte — AKA Rose's character:

9. When Rose unashamedly kicked Kit out of the house when he got his scripts for the final season of Game of Thrones:

Late Night with Seth Meyers / Via

10. When Kit used the wrong phrase when retelling his and Rose's engagement story:

The Jonathan Ross Show / Via

11. When Kit's brother got in on all the fun at their wedding:

12. When Kit talked about dressing as Jon Snow for Rose's birthday:

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / Via

13. When Kit reflected on what it was REALLY like doing the cave scene with Rose:

Suzanne Jordan / Via

14. When Kit explained that he loves his fans but is also VERY protective of intimate moments with Rose:

Esquire UK / Via


Kit Harington and Rose Leslie yesterday at the Hackney Showroom

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