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16 Kids Who Did Their Very Best

"A" for effort.

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1. This kid who was technically correct:

2. And this kid who gave the most honest answer:

super_clean_meme / Via

3. This kid who showcased their creativity:

MrsStache / Via

4. This kid who followed exact directions:

5. This kid whose explanation fits:

6. This kid who was probably looking for a different word:

smach177 / Via

7. This kid who gave a good shot at explaining their "penny" collection:

grimm_da_deathgod / Via

8. This girl who knows her fears:

9. This kid who knows the unofficial rules of the road:

funnytestanswers / Via

10. This kid who has very strong opinions about Tony:

funnytestanswers / Via

11. This kid who used deductive reasoning:

12. This kid who tried his best:

13. This kid who just...tried:

yas_langley / Via

14. This kid who was so close:

cassieclarke85 / Via

15. This kid who thought to go straight to the source:

textsposts._ / Via

16. And finally, this kid who technically got it correct:

test_wins / Via

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